Shipping and clearance company Arvin Southern Azarbaijan provides transportation and clearance services.

Aroun Azarang South with a young, active, motivated and expert team with experienced and experienced customs and transportation experts ready to provide services in the areas of customs consulting, import and export of goods, ordering goods, clearance and transit The goods are from all customs and obtaining the necessary import and export licenses.

It is hoped that this company will be able to provide a positive step forward in the advancement and advancement of this area by providing updated information and focused and optimal service delivery.


Clearance is a term used to declare goods to the customs and release them for the importer or exporter of the goods. Clearance activities include the preparation and registration of documents physically or electronically and the calculation of payments including taxes, customs tariffs, commercial profits, customs duties and facilities provided by the government to importers and exporters of goods.


Customs is a government agency that is responsible for enforcing customs laws and regulations for import and export (import) and import (import) duties, as well as for the enforcement of other laws and regulations related to import, transit and export of goods. It is the responsibility of the Customs Organization to enforce the laws and regulations relating to passenger goods. Customs duties are in fact a kind of indirect tax.


Imported goods that are made in a country or in a country and commercially imported into another country. Usually, because some goods are not possible or economically feasible for some countries, they therefore meet their requirements by using imported goods. Climate conditions and weather conditions are among the factors determining the necessity and amount of imports


Exports in the word means the transfer of goods or the sending and sending of goods from elsewhere, whether inside or outside the country, in which the purpose of the export is to export the goods from the customs territory of the country.

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Arvin Azarang Jonob

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